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It is available! Your do-it-yourself Acrylic one (WATER BASE ACRYLIC RESIN) kit so you can create your own unique decorative dishes at home. Learn remotely.

Are you worried about whether you will get it? Do not worry! You will have access to a closed Facebook group, where you will find a detailed tutorial with video samples. You will get answers to all your questions.

Don't waste time looking for materials, the set has everything you need.

The amount of materials will be enough to make two to three trays , depending on the chosen method of production. If you need additional help, ask your questions in the Facebook group or see you on Zoom.

The package includes:

  • Acrylic resin
  • Mineral powder
  • Cups for mixing
  • LDPE casting mold 9 x 18cm
  • Sandpaper
  • 6 color pigments (white, black, blue, green, ocher, terracotta)
  • Access to facebook group with video tutorial video + support in further experiments. :)

You will need:

  • Kitchen scales.

Included in the package The LDPE casting mold is 100% recyclable and will last for multiple castings, it's flexible with a non-stick coating! There are small bumps on the surface on the sides, which do not stand out on the finished work. We offer to replace the existing mold of the set with a silicone one, which is not intended for professional use, but someone may prefer to work with one, because it is softer and more flexible.

The finished product can be removed from both molds equally well!

About the material - (Acrylic ONE) is two-component, consists of mineral powder (Calcium sulfate CaSO4) and liquid parts, which are water-based acrylic resins. By mixing the two ingredients, we get a mixture that hardens at room temperature and a ceramic-like, light and durable material is formed. Nature friendly! Can be washed with water before curing.

Make personalized gifts and surprise your friends!

PS: The creative activity that you learn and do together can become the best memories of the holiday. I offer a set with two templates at once.


Pad making kit

Pad making kit

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