Laine Urbanoviča zebud radītāja latvijas jaunuzņēmums rokdarbi

Hi, my name is Laine.

My passion is to create with my hands, I have tried countless crafts from sewing to restoring furniture. I have always had the feeling that I want to create something of my own, as a result of which ten years ago I started sewing and creating decorations for children's parties, but at the same time my interest in other types of needlework did not disappear. Learning by myself, attending countless master classes, I have realized - everyone can! At the moment, I am driven by the desire to inspire to create, even those who say - I can't, I can't, because with zebud you will succeed.

ze bud is a bud that blooms at the moment when you create, find your passion, hobby or simply for a moment you have forgotten all your everyday worries.