Vecmeitu ballītes un kāzu viesu meistarklase

Bachelorette party and wedding guest master class

As the hottest wedding season approaches, the question is becoming more and more relevant - how to surprise wedding guests? How to fill the time while the guests are waiting for the new couple. What original and unprecedented things to do at a bachelorette party?

I offer master classes for making decorative dishes. Yes, this is quite a bright "trend" abroad, but it has entered Latvia only in recent years. I have decided to make sure that this year, 2023, is filled with creative tableware masterclasses and that everyone can have the joy of creating their own, unique tableware.

unforgettable HEART party activity - MASTER CLASS

If you are looking for a previously unseen and unprecedented activity for a bachelorette party, then this is the one!

In a calm and unhurried atmosphere, everyone will make their own unique dishes, which will not only be a nice reminder of adventures, but also practical, beautiful and usable in everyday life.

  • I will come to you or offer to meet in the premises in the center of Riga.
  • I can accept up to 10 girls in the master class.
  • Price: from 200 EUR (up to 5 participants)
  • Safe - you can take drinks and snacks with you! It will take 40 minutes for the dishes to harden, and you can also stay after the master class.
  • The total duration of the master class is 2 hours.

MASTER CLASS FOR WEDDING GUESTS - waiting for the new couple.

The master class for wedding guests can be adapted to the place, number of people and wishes. I travel alone or in pairs. A white 3x3m tent is available to conduct the master class beautifully outdoors. According to experience, both children and seniors like it. :)

A short description:

  • Getting acquainted with the process (~10-20min). There are different handouts, guests don't have to come at the same time, everyone can come when they want!
  • It takes ~20 minutes to prepare your dish
  • Wait 40 minutes before you can take it out of the mold. (It's time to bite :)
  • The guest or I - take care of the post-processing.

The main thing is that it is a thing of memory and gratitude from your wedding, which everyone has made according to their own taste, so that it should not collect dust.

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