Kas nepieciešams, lai izgatavotu savas silikona veidnes

How to make silicone molds?

My experience, how I make silicone molds.


  1. Silicone
  2. Item to cast
  3. A container or cardboard for pouring silicone
  4. Containers for mixing silicone
  5. Hot glue

1. You will need a prototype object for which you want to make a mold. It can be a ready-made item or you can make it yourself. The simplest is quick-drying clay.

2. Silicone - there are different types, the main difference is how rigid and flexible the mold will be in the end.

3. External borders. According to experience, everything is more convenient with cardboard, because it can be easily torn. Different containers can also be used, but the final mold will have to be cut with a knife or an additional separator must be inserted.

4. Hot glue

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